Over the Bridge Under the Sky

If you start to feel like the movie Groundhog day, like every day is so, so similar bleeding into the next, repetition, patterns, doing the same thing over & over whether it be with your job or your personal activities then listen up. Put on your shoes, walk out the door and just GO. Anywhere. Now. Right NOW. Why are you still reading this? Why haven't you left yet? Ok well read this quickly then get put on your chap stick, one coat of mascara, some sunscreen, grab your favorite sunglasses and LEAVE. By the way, a wise man once told me always leave the house presentable because you never know who you could meet that day. Perhaps the President? Your favorite movie star? Or in my case Viggo Mortenson.  Well today Viggo eluded me once again but I did come face to face with a nude man sunning himself on the beach twig & berries and all so that didn't work out so good But I digress.... Here are the rules. You cannot go to any of your usual haunts. No nail salon, no cute eatery, no coffee shop, no boutique, get out and see nature. Smell the Eucalyptus. Feel the sunshine or freaky hail if you are in Socal but whatever the case just make it different then your norm. My mind needs ADVENTURE, yours does too and today I packed up my new camo survival backpack (don't judge) with some organic walnuts and turkey jerky grabbed my Blue Bird's hand and we headed over the Golden Gate bridge with no real plan. I LIVE for this randomness! He wanted to head out to hike in Muir Woods, the place he proposed but I wanted to venture somewhere we hadn't been before. Instead we headed to Muir Beach where we found this beautiful cove. Rocks & tide pools galore! While he patiently tried to snap my backpack in the front I impatiently said I wanted to explore NOW and see if we can find some sea creatures. "You are like a child" He said shaking his head half smiling. "Yeah and your point?" A dog adopted us for the afternoon which was awesome. He earned some organic turkey jerky for being so.damn.awesome. We ended up at Stinson beach for some light sea food before heading back over the bridge feeling like the cycle had been broken. Success.

"Top Gun" Whaaaaaa

Glasses Chanel

Pants By Eloise

Flannel Rails

Backpack Camelbak

Lashes  Pink Mink Lashes   Earrings Anthropologie

Lashes Pink Mink Lashes

Earrings Anthropologie